Introducing Eternity Quartz

Eternity Quartz is introducing four beautiful designs: Calacatta Firenze, Calacatta Romano, Calacatta Milano, and Carrara Da Vinci. Eternity Quartz offers the ideal combination of natural quartz and man-made resins which allows us to design a product that delivers the strength, durability, and consistency desired in contemporary applications. Whether you are creating the kitchen you have always dreamed of or the bathroom you saw on vacation, Eternity Quartz is your countertop solution.

What is Eternity Quartz?

Eternity Quartz might look like marble but it is actually a unique combination of natural products and man-made resins which produces an extremely hard and resilient product ideal for counter tops. This makes it an excellent alternative to marble. Highly trained employees utilizing state of the art manufacturing equipment produce Eternity Quartz to some of the most stringent quality standards in the industry. Since Eternity Quartz is an engineered stone and the veining is uniform, you have the ability to create book-mark or waterfall designs with minimal waste.

Easy Care

Eternity Quartz is easily cleaned and requires minimal maintenance. It has a non-porous surface which is impermeable to most stain causing products e.g. wine, coffee, tea, lemon or lime juice, or oils that can cause issues with other surfaces. In fact, all that is typically required for clean-up is warm soapy water and a soft cloth.